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AFRICA PARTNERS MEDICAL, GHANA is an NGO working to build capacity for improved health care in Ghana, through services and training which focus on practical exposure of health workers to techniques and methods for high quality medical care as obtains in more advanced economies of the world. The NGO also seeks to offer the opportunity to non-health care workers to assist medical emergency teams through training as rescuers.


The NGO started in 2002 as an offshoot of Africa Partners Medical, based in the United States of America, under whose auspices the first missionto Ghana was organized in that same year.




Africa Partners Medical, Ghana (APM) is an off-shoot of Africa Partners Medical, (APM) a U.S.A based not-for-profit organization.


APM was initiated by Dr. Larry Ebert, a Navigator staff member and dentist in the Chicago area, as a U.S. Navigator ministry and a medical arm of Africa Partners in the mid-1980’s, to help build bridges to West African physicians and other health care providers. The goal of the group is to build relationships and provide resources to enable more effective delivery of health care. At beginning, Africa Partners trips provided direct health care in underserved areas, and identified regions in West Africa, needing health clinics that could be staffed by Navigator missionary physicians.




B. Main thrusts of APMG assistance to the health sector in Ghana


The first conference held in 2004 attracted over 120 participants comprising of medical students, residents’ nurses and practicing physicians from mainly Ghana and Nigeria. Faculty, 8 staff from the Maup. Topics covered included advances in diagnosis and management of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, rickets, leukemia and lymphomas, hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, lung diseases, chest x-ray interpretation, mental illness, local anesthesia, genomics and the use of computers in medical practice. With assistance from others in the team, Brenda Boardman, a nurse from Austin, Texas, taught many sessions of a brief course in basic life support,While the annual conferences have addressed certain areas for which training needs for the health personnel had been clearly expressed, training in the Basic Life Support emerged as a strong candidate f need and of extreme relevance for training of both health and non-health personnel.


  • a. Continuing Medical Education and CME CREDITS

  • Most West African countries do not currently have continuing education requirements for physician and nurses to maintain licensure, but these are being gradually implemented in Ghana. The Basic Life Support course organized in 2013 has been approved and attributed a 3-point credit rating from the Ghana Medical and Dental Council. The Nurses council has also approved credit rating for this as well as the Helping Babies breathe course.



C. Some accomplishments in Ghana since inception

The first trip to Ghana was in 2002 when the continuing medical education conference coordinated by Prof T. Ankrah was held at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. Since then, annual conferences have been organized in collaboration with local specialists and medical training institutions, which have also received donations of equipment following the conference.




The overarching goal of Africa Partners is to prevent needless death in Africans through education, training, and provision of necessary equipment and supplies to health care personnel in Africa. The mission of the APMG is to contribute to the improvement in the quality of medical services in Ghana in order to prevent needless death. In this regard, APMG has been very active in the provision of modern hospital equipment, and the training of identified persons for regular planned maintenance.


Technical resources for work in Ghana have been provided through the Africa Partners Medical and its affiliates, such as the Mayo clini4s in the USA. Experts undertake missions to Ghana for the hands- on training of health workers.

2009 –

  • A 3-day Endoscopy Training Workshop at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, for twelve gastroenterologists, surgeons, and residents fromGhana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire and Gambia, It is envisaged that these experts will be training others in the technique.


  • The annual Africa Partners Medical Continuing Medical Conference in Kumasi, with the participation of 48 volunteer physicians, nurses, basic andadvanced cardiac life support trainers, conference administrators, and support staff.


  • Included a 4-day workshop in Intensive Care Medicine,  daily didactic sessions and hands-on workshops  in trainingin high-risk deliveries, endoscopy and ultrasound, and certification in basic and advanced life, support.


  • Delivery of a 40-ft shipping container of equipment totaling over $750,000 to West Africa. Theequipment included endoscopy equipment, medical laboratory equipment, and medical supplies.


  • The Annual Larry Ebert and Patrick Twumasi Memorial Lecture on Spirituality and Medicine.The conference and workshops were attended by 350 physicians, nurses, and health care workersfrom Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Gambia.


2010 - 2 Major Accomplishments per year since 2010


D. Support and affiliates

Financial support and donations of equipment have been obtained for the programme through the Navigators group in the United States of America, working with their counterparts in the beneficiary countries including Ghana.


Local affiliates are the Ministry of Health through the Ghana Health Services, the Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital, the Korle Bu teaching Hospital and the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons. These institutions usually host the training of medical personnel and provide local staff for the training as well.


E. Partners and partnering objectives

APMG seeks to partner with other technical agencies interested in capacity-building for improved quality of medical care in Ghana and other countries in West Africa. In this regard, the mobilization of both financial and technical resources will be actively pursued both within and outside of Ghana


Africa Partners anticipates continuing to help meet the medical education needs of West African health care professionals in future years by sending teams and partnering with medical professional organizations in the U.S.and Europe. In the immediate future, the training in Basic Life support and Neonatal resuscitation will continue throughout the year. Details on scheduling of the courses will be provided through announcements by the APMG office in Accra



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